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  1、My College---My New Life

  New life begins! I've been expecting this moment for a long time.Finally,I become a college student .

  All good things must come to an end ! I am now apart from my family members and many good friends.I am awared that I will have to do everything on my own .

  Being responsible is the exact thing that I am supposed to think about! I'm now dealing something responsibly with my new rommates.I enjoy being together with them,they just like my good friends in high school,being kind and thoughtful !

  My college is a place for a new beginning ,I'm sure I'm taking a new life ,everything here is full of challenge,quite different from things in high school,teachers are not going to tell you exactly what you are going to do ,you will have to make your own decisions.

  So far,I'm geting along so well with people aroud me ,college provides me with chances and challenge,I'm going to make a difference to my life!And I have every confidence on myself.I will still have to move on......

  新的生命开始了! 我期待这一刻很久了。终于,我成为大学生了。


  有责任感,这是我首先要考虑的! 我现在能够带着一种责任感与我的新室友一起处理一些事情,我很享





  2、A Tribute to the Dog---狗的赞歌

  The best friend a man has in the world may turn against him and become his enemy. His son ordaughter that he has reared with loving care may prove ungrateful. Those who are nearest anddearest to us, those whom we trust with our happiness and our good name may becometraitors to their faith.

  The money that a man has, he may lose. It flies away from him, perhaps when he needs itmost. A man's reputation may be sacrificed in a moment of ill-considered action. The peoplewho are prone to fall on their knees to do us honor when success is with us, may be the firstto throw the stone of malice when failure settles its cloud upon our heads.

  The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that neverdeserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous is his dog. A man's dogstands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the coldground, where the wintry winds blow and the snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near hismaster's side. He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer.

  He will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounters with the roughness of the world. Heguards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. When all other friends desert, heremains. When riches take wings, and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his loveas the sun in its journey through the heavens.

  If fortune drives the master forth, an outcast in the world, friendless and homeless, thefaithful dog asks no higher privilege than that of accompanying him, to guard him againstdanger, to fight against his enemies. And when the last scene of all comes, and death takes hismaster in its embrace and his body is laid away in the cold ground, no matter if all other friendspursue their way, there by the graveside will the noble dog be found, his head between hispaws, his eyes sad, but open in alert watchfulness, faithful and true even in death.





  The usage of Internet becomes one of the most controversial topics in the society. As a college student, I believe Internet is beneficial to me more than the way it harms me. There are many advantages for using Internet. First, I can best use my time to find information online instead of going to different libraries. Also, the information can be dated back in decades ago. It is very helpful to use those information as reference and historical proof. In the library, it is hard to find so much "old" information. Another advantage to use Internet is that I can stay home and have a lecture online. It is much more convenience to me because I can stay warm to have class in the winter time instead of spending two hours on the bus and physically attend class. In addition, Internet provides me a better way to communicate with my friends and professors. I can get response from my professor in a few minutes instead of waiting outside of his door for hours. Some of my friends are living in a foreign countries, I can simply just drop him an email whenever I can and get a message from him very quick. It is much better than waiting for letters. Also, the email will not lose while the letter might be losing in the process of delivery.

  However, there are also disadvantage of using Internet. For example, I might spend too much time on the Internet to concentrate on my study. Also, there is a chance that I am cheated because of the Internet purchasing. Last, Internet has lots of information, both helpful and harmful. There might be too much tempatation that I will access some of the harmful information I can on the Internet. Even though the usage of Internet has both positive and negative effect to me, I still consider Internet is a symbol of technology development. I believe I can use the Internet very well as long as I know how to control myself.

  对互联网的使用在成为社会上最有争议的话题之一。作为一名大学生,我相信互联网是比我更有利的方式伤害了我。使用互联网是有很多优势。首先,我最能利用我的时间去寻找不同图书馆网上信息代替。另外,信息可追溯到几十年以前回来。这是非常有益的借鉴和利用这些历史证明资料。在图书馆,很难找到这么多“老”的信息。使用互联网的另一个优势是,我可以呆在家里,有一个讲座在线。这是更方便了我,因为我可以留在温暖,而不是花费两个小时的车类,冬天的时候身体上课。此外,互联网提供了我一个更好的沟通方式和我的朋友和教授。我可以从我在等待他的,而不是几个小时门外几分钟教授的回应。我的一些朋友在国外生活,我可以简单地算了他的电子邮件时我可以和他很快得到消息。这比等待更好的信件。此外,电子邮件也不会失去,而这封信可能是在运送过程中丢失。 不过,也有使用互联网的缺点。例如,我可能会在互联网上花太多的时间来专心学习。另外,有一个机会,我因为上网购买受骗。最后,互联网的信息,很多都有益和有害的。可能有太多诱惑,我将访问的有害信息,我可以在互联网上一些。 尽管互联网的使用有积极和消极影响我,我仍然认为互联网是一个技术发展的象征。我相信我能很好地使用互联网,只要我知道如何控制自己。

  4、Fast Food---快餐

  Life pace moves very fast these days. People don't like to waste time on their breakfast and lunch except their business luncheon and family occasions. They always have their meals out of or in their offices. With this kind of new custom, fast food is getting more and more popular. You may rind McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, hainburger shops everywhere. In recent years, fast food rushes into China, and Chinese young people begin to be fond of it. But is anything popular a good one? The answer is No.

  It's reported that fast food is unfit particularly for children who need more nutrition for their growth, for there is little nutrition in it. If you always have it, your health will be badly affected. Unfortunately, there are still many people spending much money on fast food, with anidea that they are enjoying themselves in a new life style.

  It is not easy dealing with popular things. Certainly we shouldn't abandon something new rashly, and it's not wise to give up eating forfear of being choked, but it' s more important that we should accept it by carefully choice. Only in this way can we keep ourselves independent, and have the children grow healthily. And the same is true of the case of fast food.

  生活节奏非常快的动作这些天。人们不喜欢浪费他们的早餐和午餐,除了他们的业务和家庭聚会的午餐时间。他们总是有他们在外面吃饭或他们的办公室。有了这种新的自定义类,快餐食品越来越受欢迎。您可能果皮麦当劳,肯德基,hainburger店铺林立。近年来,快餐冲进中国,和中国的年轻人开始喜欢它是。但是,什么流行的一个好?答案是No 据报道,快餐是谁不适合,特别是儿童为他们的成长需要更多的营养,没有什么营养了。如果你总是有它,您的健康将受到严重影响。不幸的是,仍然有许多人花很多钱的快餐与anidea,他们享受着一种新的生活方式本身。


  5、Water Shortage---水资源短缺

  People can't imagine life without water. Without it, the earth we live on would be a dead one. There would be no trees, no crops, no animals and no people. So water is considered to be next to oxygen in importance.

  Although nearly three quarters of the earth's surface is covered with water, it is sea water and undrinkable. The demand for water is increasing, while water resources are scarce. Agricultural production needs enormous amounts of water, so does industry. Besides,the rapid growth of population makes it more and more difficult for people to survive because of the water shortage. So water shortage has become one of the most serious problems.Fortunately, people have realized this pressing problem and are trying to find ways to salve it. First, people are urged to economize on water. Second, measures are taken to protect water resources. Third, circulating water is used for industrial purposes over and over in factories and treated sewage water is used for irrigation in farming land.


  虽然近三年的地球表面的四分之三被水覆盖,它是海水,不能饮用。人类对水的需求正在增加,而水资源的匮乏。农业生产需要大量的水,行业也是如此。此外,人口的迅速增长使越来越多的人们难以生存,因为水的短缺。因此,水资源短缺已成为最严重的问题之一。 幸运的是,人们已经意识到这一迫切问题,并正在努力设法弥合它。首先,人们呼吁节约用水。第二,采取措施保护水资源。三,循环水用于工业用途遍地工厂和处理污水,是在农地灌溉。

  6、长大 Grow Up

  Whenwe were children, we often say that I want to grow up, or I want to be an adult.As children, we cannot do many things, while after we grow up, we can. However,we often complain that I don’t want to grow up when we become adults actually.

  Firstly,growing up means more responsibilities. We should make a living by ourselves orwe should support our parents when they can’t earn enough money to make aliving. Secondly, after graduation, we need to work instead of accomplishingnothing. We should have a target and work for it, so we have pressure on jobs.After that, when we meet with the right person, we will get marry with him orher to build a family. That is to say, we have heavier burden because of ourfamily. Building a family and keeping it harmonious is not easy. In a word,there are many problems waiting for us once we grow up.

  Everycoin has two sides. Grow up can also broaden our horizon, offer us an opportunityto know more about our world, love and protect the important person in ourlife. Don’t be afraid of growing up, just be a better person and enjoy our life.





  when i was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to.Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldn‘t play with my friends a lot, which I couldn‘t stand the most. In a word, all i did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination.However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school.I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind.In my free time, I also join some clubs,where i can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, i can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live independently.College provides me with a stage where i can show myself and be myself.


  8、Joy and Sorrow欢乐与忧伤

  In our life, joy and sorrow are like shadows that follow and accompany us. Sometimes we are in joy. Sometimes we are in sorrow. At times we cannot tell joy from sorrow.

  What is joy? In the eternal nature, joy is a driving power, which pushes the world forward. A joyful person has a sound mind and lives a harmonious life. He takes part in beneficial aetlvtties and shares the joy with bis partners in the canse. It can be said that the joyful person is satisfied from being kind to others.

  Sorrow is often self-sought. The desire for power adds to one's sorrow. The desire for power goes parallel with the desire for fame. When the desire for power and fame is out of balance with reality, it becomes the root of sorrow.

  Besides, envy, revenge and vanity are also the source of sorrow. The three evils exist in man's imagination. People suffer from them unsconscionsly. To be happy one must get rid of sorrow led by desire and imagination.





  9、Some Advices about Success 有关成功的建议

  I have some good advice for your work. If you can do the following things, you will succeed in doing everything.Firstly, whatever you do, you must be punctual and hard-working. If you sow a good seed, you will get a good harvest. If the seed is in poor quality, the harvest will also be very bad. And if you sow nothing, you will get nothing at all. Nothing.Secondly, you must be honest. As honesty is the moral tuition that everyone should have. If you treat other people friendly and sincerely, others will also respect you.Thirdly, you must be tolerant to others, since no one is perfect in the world. Everyone has his own faults, but if you can see everything on other person's perspective, there will be no problem at all.What's more, when you are in a big company, you should not only respect the leaders, but also get on well with the colleagues. Sometimes, you should try to please your boss, so that you could have more chances to be promoted.Last but not the least, don't ignore the little things, because such a little thing will have a great effect on your life. So you should start yourselves at the bottom, in order to get enough working experience. As you have enough working experience, nothing you will be afraid.


  10、On computers 关于电脑

  Dear Editor,I’m writing to tell you how us use computers in our daily lives.Most of us use computers to search for more information about the interesting problems on the textbooks, about Iraqi wars and about Oscar. Some of us use computers to do some drawings, to make up interesting flashes. And some of us use them to play games. If we are tired and want to take a short rest, playing games for a while is OK. But it’s forbidden that we spend hours and hours on the games. There is also someone using computers to talk with people in the Internet and even falling in love with him or her. The Internet is not a real world and we can’t tell lies from truths. So falling in love with somebody on the Internet is not safe and is bad for our study. We should keep ourselves out of it.That’s all I know.Good luck!Yours truly,Li Hua

  亲爱的编辑,我写信告诉你如何使用我们在我们的日常生活lives.Most电脑 我们使用计算机来寻找更多关于教科书中的有趣的问题和伊拉克战争有关的信息 关于奥斯卡奖。我们有些人用电脑做一些图纸,以弥补有趣的闪烁。而我们一些使用它们发挥 游戏。如果我们累了,想利用短暂休息,打了一段时间的确定游戏。但它是被禁止的,我们花 几个小时的游戏。也有使用电脑的人倾诉,在互联网的人,甚至下降 爱上了他或她。互联网并不是一个真正的世界,我们不能分辨真理所在。所以,爱上了别人 在互联网上并不安全,是我们学习不好。我们要保持清醒走出it.That氏首先我know.Good运气!你 确实,李华

  11、How To Treat Disabled People如何对待残疾人

  Have you been asked for money by some beggars who have disabilities while you’re enjoying shopping? Do you have any pity for that kind of people or just feel afraid? For whatever reasons, the number of disabled beggars bumming along the street is rapidly increased.Why there are so many disabled people begging in the street? The reasons are so various that we don’t need to understand. But at least, we know that they do not lead an easy life. So we should help them in some ways.The treatment for disabled people should go like this: First, accept them. Don’t be afraid of looking at the terrible shape of the disabled. Try to treat them equally. Because they are a part of the society, we can’t discard them. The second is to help them as much as we could. If you can be a volunteer and do some work for the disabled people, that would be very nice. That does good not only to the disabled people but also to yourself. Because you will feel good after your kind action.So give an air of warmth to disabled people, and the world would be much better.

  您的钱被一些乞丐,问有残疾谁当您在 享受购物吗?你有什么该样的人同情或只是觉得害怕?不论出于什么原因,其数量 沿街流浪迅速increased.Why有很多在街头乞讨的残疾人残疾乞丐? 其原因是如此不同,我们并不需要了解。但至少,我们知道他们不会导致安逸的生活。因此,我们 应帮助一些残疾人士ways.The对待他们应该是这样的:第一,接受他们。不要害怕 看残疾人士的可怕的形状。尝试一视同仁。因为他们是社会的一部分,我们不能 抛弃他们。二是帮助他们尽可能我们可以。如果你能成为志愿者为残疾人做一些工作 人,这将是非常好的。这并不好,不仅为残疾人士人民,而且也给自己。因为你会觉得 良好的售后服务给予的盛情action.So一个温暖的空气有残疾的人,世界会更好。

  12、A Review on A Tale of Two Cities关于一个双城记关于故事的两种

  The tale is mainly about the revolution in France, though the author wrote quite a lot about the love triangle between Lucie, Charles and Sydney. But I thought Dickens mainly wanted to tell us the society problem and the background at that time.In this novel, Dickens wrote some lively images like Sydney and those crazy revolutionaries. In this tale, we can’t see any absolute roles. Charles, though he was a brave and good man, obviously he hasn’t as much ability as Sydney. Sydney, a typical tragic man in novels, a man like him, usually has great ability—if he wants to do something, nobody can prevent him. But he usually has some weak points on characters and the most important thing is that he always loves a woman he shouldn’t love and 99.99% die for her at last in an extremely heroic or tragic way. The revolutionaries in the tale is not as full of justice and poor as usual. They got mad when they can get revenge for their unfair treatment. The fire of hatred burnt everything. When they were at the bottom of the society, they were calling for justice, for fair treatment, for freedom, but when they were in charge of the society, their world is up-side-down, so it their judgment of the society. They hate everything that connected to the very people who were against them, even including Charles’ wife, Dr Manette’s daughter. So these men are no difference than those former governors at heart. Though Dickens told us how the authority is recycling over and over again in some way, the novel is about something good. Love from Sydney to Lucie is one of the only few bright points in the novel and it’s really great. A man can sacrifice his life to save his lover’s husband. He does not have any personal purpose and just for his lover’s happiness. So Dickens may imply us, only love can solve the problems between people, between the poor and the rich, love is everything.

  非法的故事,主要是在法国革命中,作者写道:相当 关于露西之间,查尔斯和悉尼很多三角恋爱。但我认为狄更斯主要是要告诉我们的社会 问题,并在该time.In这本小说的背景下,狄更斯说像悉尼和那些疯狂的一些生动的图像 革命者。在这个故事,我们看不出有什么绝对的作用。查尔斯,尽管他是一个勇敢的好人,很明显他 并不如悉尼多能力。悉尼,一个典型的悲剧小说中的人,像他这样的人,通常具有强大的能力,如果他 想做什么,没有人可以阻止他。但他通常的字符一些薄弱环节和最重要的事情 是,他总是喜欢一个女人,他不应该爱和99.99%,死在她的英雄或极为悲惨的方式。那个 故事中的革命者,是不是充满正义和平常一样贫穷。他们得到了疯狂的时候,他们可以为他们复仇 不公平的待遇。仇恨的火烧毁一切。当他们在社会底层的人,他们要求 公正,公平的待遇,自由,但是当他们在社会的负责人,他们的世界的一面向下,所以 其判断的社会。他们仇恨的一切连接到谁对他们非常的人,甚至包括 查尔斯的妻子,曼内特医生的女儿。因此,这些人只不过是内心的前港督的差异。虽然狄更斯 告诉我们的权力是如何回收遍地又在某种程度上,这部小说是关于做好事。从悉尼的爱 对露西是世界上仅有少数的亮点之一,小说,它的真正伟大的。一个人可以牺牲自己的生命来挽救他 情人的丈夫。他没有任何个人目的,只是为他的情人的幸福。因此,狄更斯可能意味着我们只 爱能解决人与人之间的问题,与穷人和富人,爱就是一切。


  Youthful Times. Time flies when we are having fun is an old expression. We know, as we reminisce of our past, time flies regardless. As we grow beyond our teenage. We remember the times of fun we had when we were young, when we were in primary school. We had little concern, little responsibilities. We all remember chasing our friends in catch, sneaking around in hide-and-seek and the fun in the playground. As we grow with time, our lives become filled with stress and worries. It is in these times we remember what we had, what we took for granted. As we do so, we look forward to what we can achieve and what we will see of ourselves years down the tracks.

  青春时代。时间过得很快,当我们获得乐趣是一个老 表达。我们知道,我们的过去,不管时间怀念苍蝇。随着我们的发展超出了我们的青少年。我们记得时代 我们的乐趣,我们年轻的时候,当我们从小学。我们没有多少关注,小的责任。我们都 记得在追赶追逐的朋友,隐藏在附近偷偷和,寻求和在操场乐趣。随着我们的成长随着时间的推移, 我们的生活变得充满压力和忧虑。正是在这些时候,我们记得我们,我们认为理所当然。同样地 我们这样做,我们期待着我们能够实现什么,我们将看到自己年后的轨道。

  14、Witnessing an Accident-目击一起交通事故

  At a quarter past seven on the morning of February 8, I was walking along the road to the east. An old man standing on the other side near the city park was going to cross the street. When he was crossing the road, a yellow car ran out of the corner of the Third Street suddenly. The car was so fast that it was hard to stop at the old man. A terrible accident happened,the old man was run over by the car! To our great anger, the car didn't stop but ran away as quickly as possible. Fortunately I noticed the car number. It was AC864. About two minutes later I stopped a car passing by and took the old man to the nearest hospital.On the morning of February 8, I was walking along the park road. An old man near the city park on the other side was going to cross the road.When he almost walked to the middle of the road, a yellow car rushed out of the corner of the Third Street. It suddenly turned right but the old man didn't see it. The car was so fast that it couldn't stop at the moment and ran to the old man. The poor old man was knocked over. The driver saw that but he didn't stop to help the old man. Instead, he drove the car away. I was very angry. I remembered the car number which was AC864. About two minutes later I stopped a car passing by and took the old man to the nearest hospital.

  2月8日早晨7点15分,我正沿路向东走。站在路对面公园附 近的一位老人想要过马路。他正在过马路时,一辆黄色轿车从第三大街拐角处突然驶来。车速太快了以致于很难在老人前停住。可怕的事情发 生了,老人被撞倒。令我们气愤的是,车没有停下而是尽可能快地跑开了。幸运的是我留意了车号,它是AC864。大约两分钟后,我叫住了一辆 过往的车,把老人送到了最近的医院。2月8日早晨,我正沿着公园路走。路对面公园附近的一位老人想要过马路。当他快走到路中间时,一辆黄色轿车从第三大 街拐角处冲出来。车突然右拐,老人没看见。车速太快,当时无法停下来,所以只能冲向老人。老人被撞到了。司机见此,并未停下来救老人 。相反,他开车跑掉了。我很气愤。我记得车号是AC864。大约两分钟后,我叫住了一辆过往的车,把老人送到了最近的医院。

  15、Good Health-健康

  There is nothing complicated about eating a proper diet. For good health, eat a variety of foods. Do not eat the same foods day after day! Foods should be selected everyday from each of 'basic four.' They are the four groups of food essential to proper nutrition: the milk group, meat group, vegetable-fruit group, and bread- cereal group, Your body will then be supplied with all the nutrients it requires; they are water, minerals, carbohydrate, fats and oils, proteins, and vitamins. A person's diet is determined by his attitudes, likes and dislikes. If you eat foods from each of the basic four groups each day, you will have a balanced diet.

  大约有适当的饮食吃什么复杂的。对于身体健康,吃了 多种食品。不要吃同样的食物,一天又一天!应选择食品从'每一个基本的日常4。他们 是必不可少的食物适当营养的四个组:牛奶集团,肉组,蔬菜,水果类,面包, 谷物集团,你的身体便会提供的所有营养物质,需要,它们是水,矿物质,碳水化合物, 油脂,蛋白质和维生素。一个人的饮食是由他的态度,好恶。如果你吃的食物 从基本的四组每每一天,你将有一个均衡的饮食。

  16、Youthful Times年轻时代

  Time flies when we are having fun is an old expression. We know, as we reminisce of our past, time flies regardless. As we grow beyond our teenage. We remember the times of fun we had when we were young, when we were in primary school. We had little concern, little responsibilities. We all remember chasing our friends in catch, sneaking around in hide-and-seek and the fun in the playground. As we grow with time, our lives become filled with stress and worries. It is in these times we remember what we had, what we took for granted. As we do so, we look forward to what we can achieve and what we will see of ourselves years down the tracks.


  17、我们需要太空开发吗 Do We Need Space Exploration

  Man has been fascinated by outer space for thousands of years, It has been almost over forty years since man' s first landing on the moon. Now, some people believe that space exploration is a sheer waste of time and money. They point out the thct that it cost billions of dollars to can3' on the space research, but a little infrmation was brought back. In addition, the time and money spent on space exploration is too much to calculate. However, every coin has two sides. There are still a majority of other people who believe that space exploration has more advantages. And I agree with those people. Many new products, such as weather and communication satellites, are also products of space programs, and they have benefitted people all over the world. And what' s more. scientific knowledge about outer space has been acquired by the mankind. We benefited a lot from space exploration. We believed that it will bring more benefits in the future, which perhaps we can not even imagine now'. Space exploration is a challenge to human beings. That' s why several nations try hard to carry out space exploration continuously.


  18、污染,一个社会问题Pollution: a Social Problem

  When we read newspapers, we often come across the word pollution. This word was not familiar to the people some decades ago. But now, it is a serious threat to us because.it means the poisoning of the air, seas, rivers and lands, which would do harm to our health. There are many factories that bring pollution to us. We can not have fresh air in the morning. This is mainly because of the poisonous smoke coming from factories, especially chemical ones. In rivers, seas and oceans, there are industrial wastes. Some factories just throw their wastes into seas or let them flow into rivers. When people drink the water from such rivers, they get poisoned. Besides, there is rubbish from ships and when sometimes an accident occurs in an ocean, oil flows out from tankers. On land, the accumulation of rubbish in the streets may dirty the city and ruin our health. This is mainly due to the improper disposal of rubbish by people. If we do mot fight against pollution, surely one day all of us will be killed. Some people like to put the blame on the industrial revolutions. On the contrary, the pollution problem will be solved only with the help of modem science and technology.

  一个社会问题,当我们翻开报纸,我们经常会看到这个词的污染。这个词是不熟悉的人几十年前。但现在,这是一个严重的威胁,我们because.it指空气,海洋,河流和土地,这将损害我们的健康中毒。有很多工厂给我们带来的污染。我们不能在早晨清新的空气。这主要是因为工厂的有毒烟雾来,特别是化学的。在河流,海洋,有工业废料。有些工厂刚刚投入海洋的废物或让他们进入河流。当人们饮用这种水的河流,他们得到的毒害。此外,还有船舶的垃圾时,有时事故发生在海洋,石油从油轮流出。在陆地上,在街头垃圾堆积所带来的城市和破坏我们的健康。这主要是由于垃圾处置不当人。如果我们对污染摩托罗拉的斗争中,一定有一天,我们都将被杀死。有些人喜欢把工业革命的责任。相反,污染问题将得到解决只有在现代科技的帮助。污染 - 一个社会问题我们看报的时候,经常会看到“污染”这个词。这个词对于几十年前的人来说并不熟悉。然而对于我们来说,它是一个严重的威胁,因为它意味着危害空气,海洋,河流和土地,进而对我们造成伤害。有很多工厂给我们带来了污染。早上我们呼吸不到新鲜的空气。这主要是因为这些工厂里排放出有毒的气体,尤其是化工厂。在江河湖海里到处都有工业垃圾。一些工厂把废弃物排放到江河和海洋里。人们喝了这里面的水就会中毒。除此之外,还有从船上扔下来的垃圾和海洋里发生事故的船只流出来的油。在陆地上,街道上乱扔的垃圾不仅影响市容,还危害我们的健康。这主要是因为人们对垃圾的不正确的处理。我们如果不对污染采取措施,总有一天我们会被杀死的。有些人总爱把这归咎于工业革命。相反,污染问题还必须靠现代科学和技术来解决。

  19、电视是福是祸TV: a Blessing or a Curse

  Nowadays television plays such an important role in pepople' s life that watching TV has become part of people' s life in many families. Is TV a blessing or a curse? Obviously, television, like anything else, has more than one face. As is known to us, television presents a vivid and colorful world for people. Through TV, people can learn what is happening across the world and are better informed of the latest development in science and technology. TV broadens people' s scope of knowledge. In this sense,TV is a blessing. However, television can also be harmful. The rays sent out from TV screen are harmful to people. Furthermore, attacted by their favourite programmes, many people tend to watch TV too often or for a long time. And as aresult, their studies, and work may be neglected. Especially, ifchildren stay up too late at night watching TV, they will feel sleepy in class the next day, and thus they will fall behind in their studies.


  20、关于家庭的作文 To Make a Home Sweet

  Goethe said "He is the happiest, being king or peasant, who find peace in his home". It is true. Home is the warmest place in the world. Home is the harbor. No matter where you are, you would like to be back home in the end. Home is the place which we often need to build. In order to create a kind of warm and intimate atmosphere. As a member of the family, it is not right to demand perfection in each other. The proper way is to cultivate flexibility, patience, and sense ofhumour. Parents can be more open-minded and trust their children, and the children should understand their parents' pains. If we have spare time after supper, we may often communicate with each other and talk about what happened in the daytime. This type of great importance because it often helps to deepen the feelings between the parents and children. If we do so, I believe our home will always be sweet.


  21、Proud of My School 我学校的骄傲

  School is like my home, I love my home - on campus.In the school this warm family, teachers, like mother like care for our students like to help each other as brothers and sisters, here, we grow up happy, everyone could not have a happy heart.Morning, the flowers and trees in flower beds have opened their smiling faces, as if in what I said: "The children, I wish you success," Here, I and the students together as happily as birds learn to fly happily. "I love blind, blind love me" This is my favorite word. Venus Venus bright light, like my heart, I learned more knowledge and understanding of the world. If I was admitted to a university, I will always remember the blind school, blind school to remember each and every teacher, is the toil of their days and nights of my strict requirements, I can get such good results, I love blind I also like to thank Kai-ming.In the future, I will be more efforts to study, for the blind Zengguang luster, so that even more dazzling Venus.


  22、不良的饮食习惯 Bad Eating Habits

  Bad eating habits can destroy our health,lots of diseases occur because of bad eating habits. There are lots of bad eating habits in our life which we always ignore.For example,Watching television while having meals or snacks .Doing this means you don't pay attention to your food, forget how full you are, and often eat too much.Having drinks rather than water.Fizzy drinks and fruit juice are usually high in calories and sugar, which can cause weight problems. Water is important in making your brain cells and every organ in your body work properly.And eating in front of the computer and staying there after meals.These are only some of them. For the sake of our health. we should conquer all ofthese bad eating habits.


  23、新年春节大扫除General House Cleaning

  Preparations for the Chinese New Year in old China start well in advance of the New Year's Day. The 24th of the twelfth month is set aside for the annual housecleaning. Every household will give a thorough cleaning to their houses, clothes, bedclothes and all utensils,to bid farewell to the old year and to usher in the new. It is believed the cleaning sweeps away bad luck and makes the house ready for good luck to enter. All brooms and dustpans are put away on New Year's Eve so good luck cannot be swept away.Spring couplets, written in black ink on large vertical scrolls of red paper, are put on the walls or on the sides of the doors. These couplets, short poems written in classical Chinese, are expressions of good wishes for the family in the coming year. In addition, symbolic flowers and fruits are used to decorate the house. Animated door gods, scrolls of happiness, beautiful window flowers, colorful New Year paintings and flower-decorated red lanterns, all gives a happy and prosperous atmosphere of the Festival.Storeowners are busy as everybody goes purchasing for the New Year, from edible oil, rice, chicken, fish and meat, to fruit, candies and nuts, and to various decorations, new clothes and shoes for children as well as gifts for friends and relatives.


  24、包饺子 Make Dumplings

  dumpling is a traditional chinese food. On the lunar new year' s day, most families make a lot of delicious dumplings. To make them, follow this easy process.

  The first step is to mix the flour with water. when the dough is ready, we can begin to make dumpling wrappers. we use a rolling pole to roll the dough into small, thin and round pieces so that they will be easy to cook. when the wrappers are done, it' s time to prepare the filling. Usually, we use meat such as beef or mutton, and some vegetables such as cabbage or carrots for filling.You may actually choose whatever you like to put into it. we must chop those things into small pieces.Then put some salt, oil and other condiments into it and stir it evenly. When all these preparations are done, we can start making dumplings. First put a spoonful of filling in the center of the wrapper. Then stick the two opposite sides together and then the rest. Don' t just cover the filling with the wrappers. The best shape of dumplings is that of a ship, because when they are boiling in the pan, they look like ships sailing in the sea. The smell can make your mouth water.



  25、体育运动的好处和坏处Positive and Negative Aspects of Sports

  Sports do us good in many respects.It goes without saying that taking exercises can build up our physical strength. In collective sports like basketball, volleyball, or football, we will learn the importance of cooperation. While taking part in sports game, we will try our best to win and arouse ourselves the competitive spirit. Sports can also help us relax after a period of exhausting work. However, as the saying goes, "there are two sides to everything", and sports is without exception. We may hurt other players or ourselves if we are not careful enough when participating in sports activities. What's more, excessive or severe training can do harm to our health.

  My participation in sports tells me that sports can make us healthy both physically and psychologically. It is also a good way for people to know each other and can promote friendship between people. So long as we are carefully enough, sports can do us nothing but good.



  26、杭州之旅 A Visit to Hangzhou

  It was my first visit to Hangzhou. In one and a half days, I hurried through more than ten scenic spots. The West Lake in spring is gracefully pleasant, its beauty unparallelled. Walking along the lake, I saw willows bowing in shiness. The water is so blue. The pavilions throw their shadows in the water. What is most impressive is the blooming peach flowers vying with each other in showing their beauty. The tea bushes, the screens and quiet bamboos are left in my memory.When I walked for half an hour in the sun and suddenly saw a stretch of bamboos I could not help crying out, "I'll go and sit in there." After three hours' walk a murmuring stream came into my view. The water was clear and I could see through it to the bottom. The oval stones under the water were visible and even countable. I put my aching feet into the stream. Oh, the water was running across my feet. It was cool but not cold. I could not but admit that it was a most pleasant and comfortable moment.Life is just like a journey. What is more, you have to hurry on the way, braving the scorching sun and burdened with luggage, while crossing over the mountains and slopes. Then you feel rewarded by a short rest. If only I could walk less and rest more!


  27、舞龙Dragon Dance

  China is the most populous(人口众多的) country in the world. Wherever there are Chinese people, there are "dragons" regarded as mascots. For over 2,000 years, the dragon has turned from a symbol of deity, emperor and imperial power into a symbol of the rising Chinese nation. The Dragon Dance , accordingly, has been elevated from asking for God and rain to expressing people's courage, pride and wisdom.The Dragon Dance has diversified models and forms. The dragon is a totem (图腾)of the Chinese nation. The farming tribes worship it very much. People think dragons can make clouds and bring them rain. Playing dragon dances in the spring will hopefully bring people favorable weather; playing in dry seasons will bring them rain; playing to different families will drive ghosts out. Therefore, the custom goes on.


  28、假期旅游 On Holiday Travel

  For most people, they will choose to travel during holiday because they want to relieve themselves from the high pressure of work. However, it happens quite often that people often ran into traffic jams on the way to travel. Some people think that we can relax ourselves by traveling no matter of how many people there. Some people would rather to stay in home than going out to travel because they think there are too many people swarm into the scenic spots. In my point of view, I would rather to stay indoors rather than going out to travel. Reasons are listed below.Firstly, during holiday, so many people swarm into the travel spots that we can’t enjoy ourselves to the full. For most people, they want to travel because during holiday, they can have several days to relieve themselves by traveling. However, so many people crowd together will make their tour lose the original fun.Secondly, during holiday, price will be rising drastically. It is known to all that you need to spend much more to buy things or taking bus or any other transportation since many retailers will raise goods’ price during this holiday to get fat profits.All in all, travel during holiday is not a good choice for us since its inconvenience in traveling among a huge crowd of people and also the dramatically high price for goods and transportations will let us pay extra money.

  对于许多人来说,都会选择假期去旅游,因为他们想要从巨大的工作压力中解放自己。但是,在去旅游的路上遇到交通堵塞的事情经常发生。一些人认为不管有多少人,我们还是可以通过旅游来放松自己。一些人情愿呆在家里也不远出去旅游,因为他们觉得旅游景点的人太多了。就我看来,我情愿呆在家里也不远走出去旅游。原因如下:第一,在假期期间,太多的人聚集在旅游景点,我们不能玩的很进行。对于很多人来说,他们想要在假期旅游因为他们在假期的时候才有几天的时间来放松自己。但是,太多的人拥挤在一起,就会失去旅游的本身的乐趣。第二,在假期期间,物价会大幅上涨。众所周知,你需要支付更多的钱来买东西或坐车或者乘坐其他的交通工具,因为很多的商家会在此期间通过抬高物价来获取丰厚的利润。总之, 在假期旅游并不是一个好的选择。不仅是因为在旅游的时候穿梭于人群中会很不方便,而且也因为假期期间的物价及交通费用会飞涨而让我们多支付额外费用。

  29、我们需要搬到城市吗 Should We Move to the City

  With the widespread development of city, more and more people have high desire to live in the city rather than stay at the village. Gradually, a great many cities are experiencing difficulties which are nothing new change in the history of cities except in their scale. Some cities have lost their origin purpose and not found a new one. Have you ever considered the changes that are taking place and will take place in your city? Should we move to the city?For one thing, a large or rich city is going to attract immigrants who want their children require advanced education which is the best choice. There are surrounded by the best equipment and teacher. What’s more important is the atmosphere. In the city, you can know much more than before.For another thing, in order to follow the step of city, we may pursue the money blindly .Under this pressure our way of lifestyle of city, even our bodies, become radically changed. We will go through an identity crisis and endeavor to find out who we are and what our strengths and weakness are. Because we lake of good education in former days, we may lose the sense of balance.Weighing up these two arguments, I don’t know which answer is the best. Maybe it depends on your family and their needs. Although more and more people in China no longer stay at village, I still hope the reality of life in the city is sweet. The cherished ideal of home has great importance for many people.


  30、大学艺术节之我见My Idea of a University Arts Festival

  There is no doubt that the arts festival enriches our college life an extracurricular activity. However, when it comes to what should be included in the arts festival, different people have different views. Some insists on performing arts, such as dances and dramas. Still others argue for the work of art like paintings and calligraphy. Personally, I agree with the latter and I strongly recommend that photographic works should be counted as an important aspect of the arts festival.My suggestion lies in the following two reasons. On the one hand, for he students who take photos, the photographic exhibition can stimulate them to discover the beauty that permeates our surroundings. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; such an activity will definitely foster sharp eyes of photographers to-be. On the other hand, for the students who appreciate the photos, they are given a shortcut to the beauty of the nature and the society. Maybe by this way they find the sense of the life and enjoy the life more in the future.In short, the photographic exhibition can get the students to discover and appreciate beauty. I believe that it is wise to involve the photographic works into the university arts festival.


  31、国际混合教育的好处 A Mixed Class is Preferred

  “In my class, there are two Japanese and one American. We are getting along well and it’s fun to study together with people from different cultures.” This is how a college student describes his class. Recently with rapid development of economy, China is embracing more foreign students who are eager to learn Chinese and know about Chinese culture. In my opinion, a mixed class is more preferable to an exclusive one in terms of benefits of both foreign and Chinese students.I have reason to support my view. Foreign students may find it very helpful to further improve their language skills in a mixed class. Provided that their Chinese is competent enough to follow the lectures, a mixed class furnishes them with a golden opportunity to brush up their Chinese proficiency and understand Chinese people. Only in this way can they get into closer contact with Chinese. Coming from afar, they are reluctant to be separated and treated as “ foreigners”. Hence to their benefits, we should not set barriers for their deeper involvement. Only by mixing with Chinese students can they gain a better knowledge of Chinese culture.Taking into account of all these factors, we may arrive at the conclusion that it is beneficial to adopt the practice of a mixed class. A seemingly trivial event as it is in study, it may exert a profound impact on both students’ individual life and cross-cultural communication.


  32、读研 On Attending Graduate College

  It is a prevailing trend that an increasing number of students choose to continue their study by attending graduate college. This phenomenon causes people’s attention. Some people believe that students can obtain more knowledge to broaden their eyes. But others don’t thinks so. They think student should go to do work rather than further their study. From my point of view, I think students can benefit from their continued study.Firstly, students will get more knowledge by attending graduate college. During the first stage of college study, students just get a comprehensive impression about what they learn. However, they don’t have specific knowledge to solve the complicated problems relating to their major. If they attend graduate college, then they will learn more specific knowledge so that they can handle things more professional.Secondly, graduate students can get better jobs and higher pay than graduates. It is quite common that graduate students with higher education background will be more popular among job market than college students. Besides, if a master and a graduate are hired by the same job position, then t he master will get higher pay than the graduate.All in all, not only students can learn more but also they can get higher pay and better job offer if they have master’s degree.

  越来越多的学生会选择考研来继续他们的学业,这已经成为一个趋势。这种现象引起了人们的注意。认为读研能吸取更多的知识,开拓眼界。一些人却不这样认为,他们觉得学生应该去找份工作,而不是读研。就我来说,我认为学生读研会受益良多。第一,读研能够获取更多的知识。在第一阶段的大学学习的时候,很多学生只是对本专业的知识有了一个大概的了解。但是,他们了解的知识并不具体,不能解决与专业相关的很复杂的问题。 如果他们继续读研的话,那么他们会学到更加具体的知识,这样一来,他们处理事情的时候也会显得更专业。第二,研究生能够得到一些比一般大学生更加好的工作机会,也会获得高薪。与一般大学生相比,有较高学历的研究生在就业市场很吃香。另外,如果一个研究生和一个大学生被同一个职位录取,那么研究生的薪酬会比大学生的薪酬高。总之,学生不仅能够在读研的过程中获得更多的知识,而且读研也会让他们拥有更多更好条件的工作机会,更高的薪酬。

  33、智能手机成瘾Smartphone Addiction

  As the development of modern technology, Smartphone has become quite popular all over the world with its outstanding functions. People can use phones to surf the Internet, update their personal micro blog, and upload their latest pictures at any place, anytime. It seems that smart phones have already become an indispensable part in people’s daily lives. However, some people are indulging in smart phones, which already have side-effect on their normal life.Some people, especially teenagers, are easily fall for Smartphone for these reasons. First of all, nowadays, people are under great pressure, while cell phone provides a platform for people to relax themselves. By playing mini-games, vocal chatting with friends, watching movies and listening to music, people can easily forget their problems temporary. Second, there are always something new on the phone. It is can be interesting, mysterious and various. So people are eager to turn on their phones, want to know what is happening around them. When people spend too much time on the phones, they don’t have enough chance to communicate with their friends or parents. Their attentions have been drawn away by the virtual world. Lack of good self-control, they are fragile to the smart phone addiction, while they supposed to focus on their study and work.I think people should take smart phone addiction seriously. Quitting addiction needs time and patience. People should turn off their phones, go outside and communicate with others face to face. Do more exercise and form optimistic attitude towards life!


  34、读研 On Attending Graduate College

  It is a prevailing trend that an increasing number of students choose to continue their study by attending graduate college. This phenomenon causes people’s attention. Some people believe that students can obtain more knowledge to broaden their eyes. But others don’t thinks so. They think student should go to do work rather than further their study. From my point of view, I think students can benefit from their continued study.Firstly, students will get more knowledge by attending graduate college. During the first stage of college study, students just get a comprehensive impression about what they learn. However, they don’t have specific knowledge to solve the complicated problems relating to their major. If they attend graduate college, then they will learn more specific knowledge so that they can handle things more professional.Secondly, graduate students can get better jobs and higher pay than graduates. It is quite common that graduate students with higher education background will be more popular among job market than college students. Besides, if a master and a graduate are hired by the same job position, then t he master will get higher pay than the graduate.All in all, not only students can learn more but also they can get higher pay and better job offer if they have master’s degree.

  越来越多的学生会选择考研来继续他们的学业,这已经成为一个趋势。这种现象引起了人们的注意。认为读研能吸取更多的知识,开拓眼界。一些人却不这样认为,他们觉得学生应该去找份工作,而不是读研。就我来说,我认为学生读研会受益良多。第一,读研能够获取更多的知识。在第一阶段的大学学习的时候,很多学生只是对本专业的知识有了一个大概的了解。但是,他们了解的知识并不具体,不能解决与专业相关的很复杂的问题。 如果他们继续读研的话,那么他们会学到更加具体的知识,这样一来,他们处理事情的时候也会显得更专业。第二,研究生能够得到一些比一般大学生更加好的工作机会,也会获得高薪。与一般大学生相比,有较高学历的研究生在就业市场很吃香。另外,如果一个研究生和一个大学生被同一个职位录取,那么研究生的薪酬会比大学生的薪酬高。总之,学生不仅能够在读研的过程中获得更多的知识,而且读研也会让他们拥有更多更好条件的工作机会,更高的薪酬。

  35、校服是否应该取消? Should the School Uniform be Canceled?

  Nowadays, there is a general discussion about the issue of canceling the school uniform or not. Different people hold different views on this problem. Some people think it is traditional for students to wear uniform before they go to university, while the rest of them think in recent decades things has changed.People who approve of school uniform are parents and teachers. In the first place, they consider the uniform as a sign of students, which shows some one’s identity. It also so could remind student of who they are, and study is their first duty. In the second place, once students wear school uniform, they will feel the sense of collectivity form school, and it might help teachers to manage them easily.Students are the biggest objector to school uniform. They have two reasons to support their opinion. Firstly, almost all of the school uniforms are very ugly, some of them are of inferior quality, it is not the matter of personal image now, but it is the problem of personal health. Secondly, school uniform means once you wear it, there will be lots of others looks just like you in school. Students was deprived of personality, it is not good for them to develop their creativity. Therefore, the school uniform should be canceled.To speak frankly, taking all these factors into account, school uniforms have drawbacks as well as merits. However, it is very likely that students will continue to wear uniform.


  36、小孩是否应该在年幼时学习英语?Should Children Learn English in a Young Age?

  With the increasing of social competition, people pay more and more attention on the young generation. Especially their parents will take every means to help their children get prepared for adapting the society. Thus, learning English in a very young age becomes very common among little children. Some people agree with it, but some hold the opposite view. In my opinion, parents should not force their children to study English in a very young age.To begin with, children in a young age should live happily, instead of gaining burden. Childhood plays a very important role in one’s whole life, because it takes up a part in his inner mind. A child having a happy childhood may be a sunshine boy, when he grows up. But a child carry a heavy burden in his childhood, he may be pessimistic in the future. And learning English in a young age is no doubt to deprive children’s happy childhood. How can they be happy to be enforced to learn something they don’t like? Grow up healthily is more important to a person.Secondly, people should not forget their origin. According to the present situation, learning English is very significant, but learning Chinese is also couldn’t ignore. If a person can’t learn his mother language well, how can he make others believe he can learn other things well. So I think they don’t need to learn a second language in a hungry. They can learn English when they grow older.To sum up, for the sake of children’s healthy grow up, the adults should not force them to learn English in a young age. Learning English can wait.


  37、如何让自己为将来找工作做准备How to get Yourself Prepared for Your Future Job Finding

  For almost all students, finding a job is a necessary procedure for them. However, most students feel confused about finding jobs since many companies require students with certain experience. In order to find better jobs, students should prepare them for jobs as early as possible. In my point of view, students should qualify themselves by the following ways.Firstly, students should do some part-time jobs to accumulate experience. For most students, they spend lots of their free time on entertainment rather than going out to find some part-time jobs during their college. Therefore, they lack of experience by the time they graduate. While, for a small part of students take their time on doing part time jobs to practice themselves to get more experience. Not only such kind of students is preferred by employers and also they can get lots of chance to get better jobs.Secondly, students should try their best on studying their majors. Students should get a good knowledge of their major, so that they can understand their major more correctly. Only if you know well about your major, then you will solve many problems related to your major in your future work.In conclusion, not only students should do some part time jobs to get experience during school time, but they should also try hard to master knowledge.


  38、二手交易市场 On Second-hand Transaction

  Second-hand transaction is enjoying an enlarging market nowadays. Some people are in favor of second-hand transaction while others take an opposite side. As far as I am concerned, we cannot afford to ignore the chance to turn the waste into treasure and access to affordable products.On the one hand, second-hand transaction obtains approval from both sellers and buyers. Firstly, in the seller’s eyes, the products which little or no use to them but still have the potential to be used by others, which turns the waste into treasure. Secondly, from the buyer’s side, some of them can not afford the new products they need urgently. Thus, buying secondhand goods is a very effective and provident approach. On the other hand, the demerits of second-hand products are as plain as Salisbury, and the most obvious one concerns the quality-related issue. Some of the second-hand products are of inferior quality or just fake goods that are brought from the unscrupulous businessmen.Therefore, it is quite clear that second-hand transaction has merits as well as demerits. However, we should admit that the former outweighs the latter, so I suggest that relevant department could and should establish regulations and laws to standardize the potential market of second-hand transaction.


  39、是否应该禁止燃放烟花炮竹 Should Fireworks and Crackers be banned?

  For recent years, most cities in China are not allowed to light fireworks and crackers during New Year. Some people think this is good for them to get away from noise. Some people, however, don’t think this kind of action is acceptable. For me, I believe fireworks and crackers should be banned. Reasons are listed below.Firstly, fireworks and crackers can cause sound pollution. It is known to all that when fireworks and crackers are set off; they will make great sound which will disturb other people who want to have a rest. Especially at New Year’s Eve, we can’t go to sleep because there is too much noise outside.Secondly, fireworks and crackers will cause air pollution. When firework is set off, it will produce lots of sulfur dioxide which is harmful to our environment.Thirdly, fireworks and crackers can cause damage. Fireworks and crackers are very easy to explosive. When people light them, some accident will happen. It is happened quite often that some people get hurt by lighting it.All in all, fireworks and crackers do lots of harm to people so we shouldn’t set off fireworks and crackers. On the contrary, we can celebrate our holiday by other ways instead of setting off firework.


  40、如何保持健康 How to keep fit?

  Keeping fit is the dream of everyone. Nowadays, with the improvement of living standard and the stress in their life and work, more and more people are in the state of unhealthy. So, it arouses the problem. How to keep fit? I believe different people have different methods. For me, I think there are two aspects that we need to pay attention to.First of all, exercise is the most important. Anyone wants to have a healthy body should do exercise often. Through exercise, people can strengthen their body, keeping illness from them. Having a healthy body, they can have enough power to work, to face the difficulties in their life. Otherwise, if they are in bad health, they always have no power to do useful things. So, doing exercise frequently is helpful.Secondly, keeping a balanced diet is also necessary. As people’s life is getting better and better, they have more choices for food. They begin to dietary bias, which makes the nutrition in their body in out-off-balance. So they start to have a variety of illness, such as, fat, diabetes mellitus, angiocardiopathy and so on. Thus, it is necessary for people to eat healthy food to keep nutrition balance, such as, milk, fruit, vegetables and suitable meat.Keeping fit is not a dream. If people can follow the above suggestions, I am sure that everyone will have a different life, which is a better life. Let’s join hands to work for our health together.


  41、不要放纵自己Don’t Indulge Yourself

  In our daily life, we can learn something from some cases. However, from my point of view, I think that it is essential for us to know ourselves in a right way. People who have a full awareness of the importance to improve themselves will discover themselves continuously. Therefore, we can say that if we want to change ourselves, we must bravely reveal ourselves.Every coin has two sides, and we are no exception. When we experience some situations, we will find that there are many advantages of us. Thus, we can have a huge sense of satisfaction. We may have a little pride, because we are happy that we can make good use of our advantages to solve more difficult problems in the future. However, at the same time, we also can realize that there are still some disadvantages of us. These disadvantages will bring us different influences. I’d like to point out that people who can bravely accept and remove their disadvantages will gain a bright future. On the contrary, people who choose escape or ignorance their disadvantages will indulge themselves, and they no further progress.Don’t indulge yourself. If we indulge ourselves, we will meet more terrible suffering in our later life. I know that when we find our weakness, we may say that I will never do that again, and regret doing so meaningless thing. I am such a fool. But when we meet similar situations next time, we will still tell ourselves that it doesn’t matter that I do it again. Then we will indulge ourselves to expand our disadvantages. It shows that some people who have no own principle will fail to realize their promises. When we can overcome our laziness, we will understand that solving some problems may be not so difficult. Therefore, we should try our best to control ourselves to pursue higher development.There are no any excuses to indulge yourself. We should tell ourselves that we are capable to overcome our weakness, though it needs much time. However, if we succeed once, then we will be successful again. Last, we don’t indulge ourselves. We will become more complete.Everyone can take actions to improve themselves. Don’t indulge yourself. If you succeed, you will acquire a huge wealth, and your life will become more brilliant.


  42、汽车与年轻人 Cars & the Youth

  It has been widely reported that the economic recession has hobbled young people in debt and joblessness, making them less likely to buy some of the staples of adulthood, including cars. It becomes a big problem to car company, they may have tried to hook in young drivers, like most consumer companies, they like to appeal to young people early on, but learned it was not working.Several reasons can account for this phenomenon. In the first place, cars have become less affordable for cash-strapped young adults, and driving simple does not seem as cool as it once was. For a young adult who just coming out of college, it is almost impossible to buy a car by themselves within 3 years. Besides, many young adults are willing to live in the place where is nearby their work place with public transportation, according to the survey, and some of them are able to catch a ride with others.In the second place, young adults are too busy to get a driver’s license. Most young people have to spend all day long for their job, and even work overtime. They have to fend themselves, because of it; they don’t have the bandwidth to take on anything else. What is more, lots of young adults think that the internet may have also made driving more of a hassle than a convenience. Why drive to shopping centers when you can order virtually anything online?In conclusion, it has become a fact that young adults have less interested in cars, however, it may be a good thing for air pollution and crude oil crisis.


  43、出国留学是否比在国内读大学好Whether Studying Abroad is Better Than in the Domestic University

  In recent years, with the development of globalization, the competitions among people are more intense, many parents pay more attention on children’s education. Some parents think that children study abroad will better than in domestic university. Proficient in a foreign language and overseas education background will be advantage to students in social competition. But in my opinion not everyone is suitable to study abroad, it depends on individual ability.First of all, the one who doesn’t study hard, only want to have a piece of paper don’t suit to study abroad., these students can't go into a better school, even thought they can go in, it will be difficult for them to graduate. The problem such as maladjustment and language gap will bring them great stress .As time flies, the increasing pressure will cut down their confidence, and a vicious cycle would be created. Finally, even if they get a third-rate foreign diploma, the paper would not help them find a job abroad, just as much as at home, studying abroad just waste youth. Second, poor psychological students should not go abroad. Many Chinese children are Palm's baby to their parents, they have never endured hardship, and some of them can't adapt foreign life habits. Third, the students with poor conditions go into a domestic university also a good choice. Because Studying abroad is expensive, tuition fees and other money problems will increase them and their family’s burden.To sum up, I think a person's resilience is more important than the environment. Go abroad can open a personal view, meet new friends and experience new cultures, but before going abroad, students should clear their merits and demerits.


  44、如何选择一份职业How To Choose a Job

  We are living in a fast pace world, we are under great pressure today. It is so important to find a good job, yet, as for everyone, choosing a good job is such a hard decision. One needs to think about many factors, I will show you the two main factors.First, when choosing a job, interesting comes the first place. One can never do things well until he is really into them. Only interest can keep you work with enthusiasm and happily. Many guys choose jobs in a rush, having no time to think about what they really want, so they quit their jobs quickly. Such bad habit will bring them negative effect when they get interview next time.Next, the position you choose must has a promising future. The work you do might not be in a good situation at first, but it must remain a huge space of promotion. We choose the job because we want to fight for our future, we want to get promoted after a certain time of work, the work sucks if we never have a chance to promote. Everyone deserves higher pay when they work hard, we need to store money for our plan, it is so naturally for us to be paid better.Choosing a job, one has to be careful, because what you choose always decides what kind of person you are, what your future will be. Interest and chance are two main factors you need to pay attention to.


  45、在当代生活中应对压力的方法 My Idea of Coping with the Stress in Modern Life

  It is true that people in modern times experience great stress in their lives. However, as to the ways to cope with the stress, different people have different opinions. Some insist on traveling, while others argue for listening to the music or even playing computer games. In my opinion, an effective solution to relieve pressure is to do physical exercise.My suggestion lies in the following reasons. First of all, exercise not only helps to release people’s emotional breakdowns but also improves their mental state. By concentrating on their body movement, men forget about their annoyances and escape from the busy day. What’s more, physical exercise moulds people’s character and promotes a more optimistic attitude towards life. Besides, physical exercise conduces to sound health, with which people can face up to the stress and difficulties in life more readily and easily.In a word, physical exercise plays a positive role in killing stress. I believe that my own experience is also applicable to others. Therefore, I suggest that people should go jogging or do other forms of sport when they feel pressed.


  46、和父母去旅行 Travel with Parents

  Nowadays, with long holidays at hand, traveling has become a new trend for us to relax ourselves outside work. Some people even had made a plan for it a long time before the holiday begins. They usually travel with good friends or travel along; only few people take their parents into travel plan. However, I think it is high time for us to travel with parents.In the first place, we should spend more time with parents. According to research, if we come home 5 days a year, spend 4 hours a day with parents, it would be less than 300 hours of 30 years, which means 25 days. We could see it now that there is not much time for us to spend with our parents after we go to work or have our own family. Hence, we should travel with our parents.In the second place, parents used to took us to travel when we were young, why don’t we take them as return when we are capable to do that. It is not the matter of we are set free from parents, we are not a traitorous teenager anymore, and we have time and money, of course we should take a trip with parents. Holiday would be a good time for us to travel with parents, just like the old time.To summarize, we should make a plan for parents in holiday. Holiday is a great gift for us and our parents.


  47、丁克一族 Double Income and no Kids

  It is Chinese traditional for someone to inherit the family line, especially for male, they have the responsibility to get marry and have children so that their family tree can continues. However, as the society develops, young people’s concept has changed, they no longer want to have child in their early twenties, some of them even don’t want it for their whole life. Those people we call dink, which mean double income and no kids.People who don’t agree with the dink argue that there are three forms of unfilial conduct, of which the worst is to have no descendants. In traditional Chinese thinking, when people get married, the sooner they have kids the better, and a baby boy would be excellent. To addition, parents raise you grow up just expect one thing for return: grandchildren. We should not let them fall this way.People who support dink hold the opinion that it is their own choice to have kids or not, unfilial is nonsense. Having children is a big thing for couples. They have to taking all the pros and cons into account. Once they have kids, which mean more money spends and less time to enjoy, what’s worse, there is no possible to enjoy lovers’ world. And nursing baby is a horrible thing for them. They will try their best to convince their parents to accept that they are dink. Two people would be good enough for them.On a whole, people have the rights to choose the life they want. We should not judge people with old beliefs. We should discard old beliefs and live the way that make us really happy.


  48、面试技巧Interview Skills

  College is an important stage in one’s life, during this period, students will learn how to prepare for their future. When they graduate from college, they need to get many job interviews to pick out the favorite job. It needs some skills in order to impress the employer.First, you need to prepare some answers for the possible questions. As we all know, the employers like to ask to some questions to test you, like introducing yourself, what is your opinion about the job position. You’d better prepare some answers for them, if you can not react right way, your hesitation makes employers think that you are not ready for the job position.Second, you need to practice in front of your friends many times. When you get job interviews, it is naturally thing that you will feel nervous, because never face such situation before. In order to avoid your mind get blank, you need to ask your friends to help you. You treat them as the employers, and ask them to ask you some possible questions. Doing these, you will feel easy when you are in front of the employers.Such are my advices about the interview skills. Don’t be afraid when you answer the question, if you are not doing well, you can tell yourself you can do it better next time, never be distressed. You can do it.


  49、新型批改作文方式 New Homework Correcting Style

  Nowadays, a new style homework correcting appears in school which has become a hot point under discussion. We usually get a mark tick for right answer and get a cross for wrong, but things has been changed, educator use “o” for “x”, which makes the correcting more gentle. As to this new type correcting, there is no consensus agreement among people.People who agree with this new style homework correcting hold the views that our educational method should be gentle. The child’s mind is not mature enough, teachers should choose a more acceptable way when they are correcting student’s homework. Such as an “o” is softer than an “x”. Because in our mind, “x” represent absolutely wrong, on contrary, an “o” means “you should think twice, there is a better answer waiting for you to find out”. It could lead on a student to correct his answer without hurting his feels.However, some people think that if we always use a gentle way to teach students, how could we develop the student’s ability to face the error and frustration. There is a reason for educator use “x” for wrong answer, students should have the courage to face the error that they made, and they should remember why they do it wrong.Weighing up these two arguments, I prefer the former one. I think once student has accepted their error, they will voluntarily to correct. Otherwise, students see an “x” and their defensive mechanisms automatically come up.


  50、网络教育 Online Education

  With the widespread of computer, more and more people tend to use Internet to get information and learn knowledge, especially, many educational agent use online class to teacher their students. Many people think it is convenient for students to obtain knowledge by online education and can save students lots of time spending on traveling between home and school. Some people think students can’t focus on studying by online education. In my opinion, we can benefit a lot by online education.Firstly, online education can save students time. We all know that traditional education require students to go to school or certain place to obtain knowledge. Therefore, students have to spend lots of time on travel between home and school. However, online education can save students lots of time. They don’t have to spend time on traveling to school and home.Secondly, students can get more knowledge by online education. Students can search for their study materials immediately during break time by Internet. While by traditional education, students can’t find any useful resource in school for they have no access to get the relative knowledge by their limited books.All in all, online education not only can save much time, but it can help students get more knowledge than traditional education.